Do you have Slow Days?  How are letting your customers know about your specials and promotions?  We provide mobile marketing services for small businesses, and we can show you a few tricks you can use right away to help you lower your marketing costs while keeping your customers up to date on your most current promotions.

You may have a website but did you know that there are nearly 5 times more mobile devices than there are computers?  And most customers aren't likely to go to your website to access your menu or calendar unless they're already planning on coming in.

There are 5 billion mobile phones and 72% of users send and receive text messages.  Also 97% of people open text messages!  So what do you suppose happens when people are trying to figure out where to find a local place to eat, and they get a text from one of your competitors with a special offer, but not you?

What are you doing right now to communicate and maintain relationships with your customers?

Your database of customers is your most valuable asset.

Everyone knows that finding new customers is much more expensive than retaining the one's you already have.  In fact, just a 5% increase in repeat customers has been shown to translate into a 25% increase in annual sales.  That's because repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers.  So doesn't it make sense that you want to have a way to communicate with your existing customers to keep them coming back again and again?  And how about the times when you only have a few customers---wouldn't it be great to have a way that you could push a button and bring in more customers whenever business is slow?  Well we can help you do all of that, and more.

Remember all those billions of mobile phones?  Well studies have shown that the average person is within three feet fo their cell phones at all times, 24/7, even when sleeping.  So if we can help you get the people excited to receive messages and offers from your business on their cell phones, can you imagine how positive of an impact that would have on your business?

Mobile Helpers - Text Assistant

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